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My Story

Jerica is a Lightworker, Mountain Priestess, Sound Alchemist, a spiritual teacher and healer from the Ancient Ones and from the future.  She has been working with the powers of sound and plant healing before time existed. 


She remembers working in many temples, one of which is the Temple of Isis and while visiting Max one of the 13 crystal skulls she was crowned a crystal crown in one of the golden temples in Lemuria as a record keeper. Jerica works with a crystal skull activated by the keeper of the 13th crystal skulls since 9-9-9. 


She has been taught and self-taught the uses and techniques including channeling/healing techniques with crystals, tuning forks and tuners and has practiced solo, with chiropractors, doctors or acupuncture and in 4Hands with a craniosacral Osteopath on patients for nearly three years.


She is skilled in bioacoustics, biofield tuning, vocal toning, and works with other healing modalities including liquid crystal infused tuning forks, liquid crystal infused crystal singing bowls, liquid crystal infused Tibetan singing bowls, liquid crystal infused tuners, gem essences, VibesUP products, and her divine unique Rebreathing gifts. 


She helps to facilitate and donates her time practicing in a monthly community clinic in Nevada City, and is experienced, certified and is an Ambassador in using the AMP COIL she shares for personal and group tune ups! Jerica is an intuitive life coach and also channels from the most high and positive.

She has re-connected with the Star Nations, Star Family here on Turtle Island, The legions of light, benevolent helpers of the most high and positive and the Enlightened Ones who help assist in the most beautiful ways.  Attuned to the Mikiala Rei (about 300 or so Reiki symbols), this is incorporated into healing sessions as well as the crystal, flower, essential oil essences, and bath soaks/scrubs she makes.

Breathwork and Rebearthing are among some of the techniques included in sessions along with clearing, attuning, grounding, calming, integrating and ultimately shifting ones frequency with the most benevolent processes and outcomes.  All crystalline light body activations are available upon request.  Learning and growing, always.


Those who have not understood the miracle healings were simply satisfied with feeling better and often reported being "tuned-up to a new self".  

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