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Remember beautiful moments from far away times.... past, present and future in sound healings through this experience brought on during journeys with Jerica's sound healing.  

Jerica is a Lightworker, Mountain Priestess, Sound Alchemist, a spiritual teacher and healer from the Ancient Ones and from the future.  She has been working with the powers of sound and plant healing before time existed.  She remembers working in many temples, one of which is the Temple of Isis and while visiting Max one of the 13 crystal skulls she was crowned a crystal crown in one of the golden temples in Lemuria as a record keeper. Jerica works with a crystal skull activated by the keeper of the 13th crystal skulls since 9-9-9.

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Jenevie, Mama Bear Medicine

Jerica gave me and the little fireball (my gestating baby) a wonderful session up at Orr Hot Springs! We floated through more than an hours worth of tones, chimes, and vibration. The tuning forks along my spine were the absolute best. And, the healing had such a strong resonance that I was literally dreaming about it weeks later!

Anna G.

Jerica of Crystal Sound Healings recently was present during one of my treatments with Dr. Allen, and it was a lovely experience, and I felt it multiplied my positive results to have had her treating me vibrationally while Dr. A. did craniosacral work. Jerica used a number of different well-placed crystals, as well as tuning forks and a singing bowl to help ease nervous tension and assist in the release of old patterns of muscular tension held in the body. She was very kind, caring, and simply a delight to work with!


Thank you so much!! The AmpCoil is awesome!! I felt so calm, clear and balanced afterward! I absolutely love it! Today the effects continued with deeper healing and releasing. As well as connecting a few life dots together for some inner resolution. A real gift. You Rock Jem Jerica!


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